Rainbow Honey Nail Polish Mystery Bag


I recently found Rainbow Honey nail polish through some people in the julep swap group I am apart of. They were talking about a mystery bag for only $10.00, also they had a coupon for 5 dollars off. I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out their products. Including shipping the price of the bag was $8.25, which was a pretty awesome price. My first impression is Rainbow Honey is a pretty sophisticated Indie polish. The polishes are labeled nicely, and I really like presentation. I got several products in my mystery bag, so let’s talk about what I got.



 The first polish I got was Sparkling Agave it was a mini. I like the bottles, they are so cute. I really like the color I got. It’s so pretty, I love the color and it has a nice shimmer.


I also got Puffin Party in a mini. I think the name is right, it definitely looks like a party.Not sure if this is my style though, but I don’t know till I try it!


I should of put a penny next to it because it is itty bitty! It is a perfume with rollerball. The smell is really not me. Maybe it would make a cute gift with other items.


Top coat mini! You can never have enough top coat.




And a sparkle glittery pot! There is quite a bit of glitter in it. 🙂 I never use loose glitter maybe I should start using loose glitter.


My Julep Haul


 Here is my haul! I recently did a Valentines swap and the girl I swapped with gave me a %50 off entire purchase  with Julep in my swap box. So I had to use it! What a steal, when do you ever get 50% off an entire purchase anywhere? I would of got more…but I have been more reckless with nail polish spending. So here’s what I got !


Mind Your Mani $75.00

I purchased the Mind Your Mani kit, I had to do it because it was already on sale for $39.99, with 50% off it is only $ 19.99. And for 20 bucks you get 3 nail masks (which are amazeballs), I am pretty sure I am going to use a pack tomorrow! Then you get a Might Nail & Cuticle Serum ( I have a mini version right now but extra never hurts). Freedom Top Coat, and Oxygen Nail treatment. All of these items in this kit I currently own, but having back ups is nice. I am not crazy about Julep’s top coat ( it gets wayy too goopy after awhile). But I absolutely love julep’s oxygen! Anyway what a steal.



Julep Eye Sheen in Warm Fig Shimmer $ 18.00

I didn’t purchase a box for February this month, initially I wasn’t excited by the eyeshadow included nor was I wowed by the color choices. But after I saw people posting about how much they liked these liquid shadows (that lasted hours) I had to purchase. I never use liquid shadow but these colors looked so pretty when swatched. This one is Warm Fig Shimmer. I wore it today, it is a very warm color. The wear wasn’t amazing, since it did start to crease but it’s nothing a little primer won’t help.



Julep Eye Sheen in Dusty Taupe Shimmer $18.00

 I also bought Dusty Taupe Liquid shadow, I haven’t used this one but I am looking forward to it.  One thing I didn’t convey from these pictures is..holy crap are they tiny! I should of put a penny so you could see the size to scale. They are little, but I think  a little might go a long ways. 🙂 We shall see!


 Julep Color in Max $14.00

I somehow missed this polish and I have been wanting a polish with black and white glitter This is a topper polish, I am looking forward to using it, especially with a white or black polish. I am just hoping it isn’t goopy, I keep having this issue with different Julep glitters I own.


Julep Color in Jane $14.00

Inspired by Jane the CEO and Founder of Julep. This one I kept hearing great things about and I kept seeing gorgeous swatches of. Also I am a big fan of rose gold. Can’t wait to use it.


 Julep Surprise Color Rush Lip Gloss $20.00

This is another new item Julep released. It is supposed to work for everyone and suit every type. The color in swatches looked gorgeous. So hopefully I like it.


Blank Canvas Lip Primer $ 22.00

This I did not order, but it showed up instead of the Blank Canvas Face Primer I wanted. :/ I am not sure if I am going to use this. I have heard bad things from so many different mavens. It is just not my thing, primer for my lips..why?  But Julep did let me keep this for free since there was a mix up. I might just swap it or sell it.


Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer $ 28.00 

I’m bummed this wasn’t in my order because it was one of the top things I wanted to use! I never use primer (yes it’s awful) but I really need to start! This product has awesome reviews too! I called Julep ASAP as soon as I realized I was given the wrong product. There was practically no wait time. Mary the rep was helpful and I got an email later that day saying the order has been processed.

Anyway that is my haul! So thankful for the 50% off coupon, I only spent 64 dollars on everything! The best! 🙂 Thanks Julep!

Glitter Guilty Box Review February 2014

It is here! Glitter Guilty is a nail polish subscription box. It includes a mini nail polish, and a full size polish, as well as a yummy sweet or two. I have so many things I have been ordering online, my bad when I got this box I thought it was something else and was pleasantly surprised and happy. This is my favorite Glitter Guilty Box, I really like the colors and they are very Valentinesy. Yes it is a word.



My Full Size polish is Peacock Party, I really like this one. I absolutely love purple and blue that is my ultimate favorite color combination. I put it on as soon as I got my box. The picture here doesn’t really capture the blue flakes that well. When you apply the polish a lot of glitter comes out, so it definitely takes some fishing. But is a really cool glitter polish. There are many different shaped and sized glitter. This is fun.


This mini is called Cupid’s Crossbow, I really like this mini too, Pretty pink glittery-ness! This polish looks fun I like that there is white glitter in it as well as a few shades of pink. This nail polish looks even better when it’s on.

Where’s the chocolate picture? Yea I ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture, I fail. :p Anyway that’s my box, I love the colors I got this month. 🙂

Birchbox November 2013 Review


My Birchbox arrived! It actually arrived a little bit earlier this week but I’ve been busy so I am a little late! Anyway I’m always excited for my Birchbox. I seem to get all my boxes right in the same week, so it’s a week of goodness. 🙂 My box of course came as pretty as always. Lots of envelopes with stuff inside. My perspective with Birchbox has changed a little now that I have Ipsy as well. So for those who don’t know Birchbox is a monthly subscription of beauty samples, it costs $10.00 including shipping. To me the true value is in their points system. More on that later. So on to the goodies!

image (9) image (13)

image (15)

Color Club Nail Color in Baldwin Blues $ 8.00

It’s actually a really pretty shade of blue. I am tempted to use it, but I have so much nail polish now. So perhaps I will give it away. Makes a good stocking stuffer.

image (19)

DDF Amplifying Elixir Sample .5 Fluid Ounces  $? Full size: $70.00

I appreciate products for my face because I honestly never do much in the night or in the morning. I know I am bad! But I am trying to change, so more samples of products like this the better. We will see how this stuff works out.

image (18)

Joie Folle de Joie eau de parfum – 2 ml Value $1.70 Full Size: $98.00

This stuff smells so good! gah I love it. I was kind of meh when I first sprayed it on my wrist, but with time I kept smelling it and fell in love. Why must it cost 98 dollars for a bottle?!

image (23) image (22)

Mox Botanicals Bath Milk .35 oz sample $? Full Size: $ 12.00

I wish I had a big bath tub to soak in this. 🙂 It smells nice and they are a company from Portland. My land! Looking forward to using this

image (20)

theBalm Cosmetics Stainiac – sample $? Full Size: $17.00

It’s been a really long time since I’ve used a product similar to this. It is a nice products just adds some color to your lips. It’s not crazy vibrant red or anything which I like.

image (21)

Might Leaf Tea– 3 tea Pouches $? Full Size: $9.95

I love tea! I have been using this in the mornings at work. I may have tried this tea once before just because I remember the elegant tea bags. Vanilla Bean is yummy.

That was my box this month! Overall it was decent, not my favorite birchbox I have received. Also this was the first month of Ipsy and since both are 10 dollar subscriptions I can’t help but compare the two. They are quite different, I am not sure how Ipsy can do these awesome full sized products but I am loving it! Birchbox on the other hand gives these much smaller (mostly sample sized products).   I think Birchbox has an awesome rewards system! I get 10 points for each review I do of a product I am given. So this month I earned 60 points just for this box, that is equivalent to 6 dollars. When you earn 100 points I have 10 dollars to spend in the birchbox store. It is a great value! So I am loving that! So birchbox is still a great deal and I love it.



I am a sucker for the mystery! I love not knowing what I am going to get, also I was just talking about chevron’s and how I wanted to do my nails with this pattern. It is meant to be right? Originally I was going to resist. I have been a Maven for only a month, and my collection is getting scary. I got the Intro box, Galaxy Supernova box, October box, and ordered some stuff from the secret store. I am done right? Wrong, and I ordered the Zig Zag Ultimate. Ahh! Can’t wait to get it. Anyway here are the three sizes you can choose from:


For me at least this time I feel like I am either going to go big or I am going to go home. So I went for the biggest box, also I got the mystery add on. 🙂 When the galaxy mystery box was up, they sold out of the mystery add on so I had to get it this time. For everyone who hasn’t purchased their mystery box and is on the fence there is this promo code where if you spend more than $20 dollars you get $5 dollars off your box. So instead of paying $39.99 for the super nova you only have to spend $34.99. Here is the code: BG74L8U  Not sure when this code expires, but it worked for me a few days ago. I of course purchased the box before they had a ten dollar off promotion, but story of my life and the code has since expired. Anyway there is also a chance your mystery box might carry one of three visa giftcards. If you order the big box you can work a 1,000 dollar visa card. Sounds awesome right? I never win anything, one of these times I have to right..?

Anyway I am surprised this mystery box wasn’t halloween themed. I heard a rumor that something would be released for halloween, but the clock is ticking Julep! Anyway hopefully my box will be here soon, but with the tracking these days it is more of a guessing game.

COUPON: Use code FREEBOX to get your first box for free! Please my referral link if you join up!