My Julep Haul


 Here is my haul! I recently did a Valentines swap and the girl I swapped with gave me a %50 off entire purchase  with Julep in my swap box. So I had to use it! What a steal, when do you ever get 50% off an entire purchase anywhere? I would of got more…but I have been more reckless with nail polish spending. So here’s what I got !


Mind Your Mani $75.00

I purchased the Mind Your Mani kit, I had to do it because it was already on sale for $39.99, with 50% off it is only $ 19.99. And for 20 bucks you get 3 nail masks (which are amazeballs), I am pretty sure I am going to use a pack tomorrow! Then you get a Might Nail & Cuticle Serum ( I have a mini version right now but extra never hurts). Freedom Top Coat, and Oxygen Nail treatment. All of these items in this kit I currently own, but having back ups is nice. I am not crazy about Julep’s top coat ( it gets wayy too goopy after awhile). But I absolutely love julep’s oxygen! Anyway what a steal.



Julep Eye Sheen in Warm Fig Shimmer $ 18.00

I didn’t purchase a box for February this month, initially I wasn’t excited by the eyeshadow included nor was I wowed by the color choices. But after I saw people posting about how much they liked these liquid shadows (that lasted hours) I had to purchase. I never use liquid shadow but these colors looked so pretty when swatched. This one is Warm Fig Shimmer. I wore it today, it is a very warm color. The wear wasn’t amazing, since it did start to crease but it’s nothing a little primer won’t help.



Julep Eye Sheen in Dusty Taupe Shimmer $18.00

 I also bought Dusty Taupe Liquid shadow, I haven’t used this one but I am looking forward to it.  One thing I didn’t convey from these pictures is..holy crap are they tiny! I should of put a penny so you could see the size to scale. They are little, but I think  a little might go a long ways. 🙂 We shall see!


 Julep Color in Max $14.00

I somehow missed this polish and I have been wanting a polish with black and white glitter This is a topper polish, I am looking forward to using it, especially with a white or black polish. I am just hoping it isn’t goopy, I keep having this issue with different Julep glitters I own.


Julep Color in Jane $14.00

Inspired by Jane the CEO and Founder of Julep. This one I kept hearing great things about and I kept seeing gorgeous swatches of. Also I am a big fan of rose gold. Can’t wait to use it.


 Julep Surprise Color Rush Lip Gloss $20.00

This is another new item Julep released. It is supposed to work for everyone and suit every type. The color in swatches looked gorgeous. So hopefully I like it.


Blank Canvas Lip Primer $ 22.00

This I did not order, but it showed up instead of the Blank Canvas Face Primer I wanted. :/ I am not sure if I am going to use this. I have heard bad things from so many different mavens. It is just not my thing, primer for my lips..why?  But Julep did let me keep this for free since there was a mix up. I might just swap it or sell it.


Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer $ 28.00 

I’m bummed this wasn’t in my order because it was one of the top things I wanted to use! I never use primer (yes it’s awful) but I really need to start! This product has awesome reviews too! I called Julep ASAP as soon as I realized I was given the wrong product. There was practically no wait time. Mary the rep was helpful and I got an email later that day saying the order has been processed.

Anyway that is my haul! So thankful for the 50% off coupon, I only spent 64 dollars on everything! The best! 🙂 Thanks Julep!


FabFitFun VIP Box Review- Winter 2013


It has come, the Fab Fit Fun Winter box has arrived! This is a subscription box curated by Guilana Rancic that comes quarterly for each of the four seasons. This box costs $49.99 (including shipping) and is a lifestyle box that includes beauty, fashion and fitness products. This box quickly snuck up on me, and I really like this box. A lot to be excited about!


It came very beautifully wrapped with the scrunchy white paper. The front page of the VIP card shows a spoiler that wasn’t given away earlier this month.



Here is the card with all of the products included in this box. So exciting so many good products!! 😀



The Giving Keys Never Ending Necklace $55

This is my favorite item in my box! I love it. Each key is completely unique they are re-purposed, each one includes a message. Mine says “Courage” which is probably the one I need most, it is perfect. What you are supposed to do is where it till you think you have your courage and you’re to pay it forward to someone who needs that message more than you. I love the idea and message. I was hoping mine would be silver because I am not a gold person but I don’t care now I love mine. My box is already worth it.



Beauty For Real Lip Gloss in Turned On $22.00

I’m accumulating so many glosses, but I really do like this color because it is more subtle. I think its cute how there is a mirror attached to it. It also lights up, which is a little strange. I don’t really have that I-need-to-put-on-my lip-gloss-in-the-dark-and-I-don’t-have-a-mirror issue, but it is different and unique.


Lorna Jane Workout Bracelet $30.00

This is a bracelet for when you work out. It is a symbol of sisterhood or so it says. I am not digging it. It reminds me of the livestrong bracelets except clunky. Also I am not a big accessory wearer especially when I am being active, it would just get on my nerves. I was trying to think who might like this bracelet but I can’t think of anyone, so not sure what to do with this.


Bioxidea Miracle 24 Face Mask $19.00

I love a good face mask! So I am looking forward to using it. Reminds me of a product I got from Birchbox a few months ago, but this looks a little fancier. I love this type of stuff.


True Energy Inspired Earbuds $40.00

I am so happy to get new ear buds. I have been needing some for so long. The ones I have right now I dislike very much so I am very pleased. Also I like that these are made for being active because the  apple ones just don’t work for me when being active.


Physique 57 Classes $25.00

So this card includes 5 classes you can access via internet from your laptop or tablet. To me I find these offers always kind of weird, if I use a workout video I would just prefer it on a big screen like I don’t know on a television.


Skyn Icelandic Relief Eyecream $45.00

I am excited about this, I know it’s shallow and doesn’t insure the product is good but I feel like if it has a $45 dollar price tag it must be good stuff. I’m not wrinkly yet, but I don’t want to be for a long time. This product is for anti-aging, dark spots , wrinkles. So I really do need to start using products like this to take care of my skin for when I do get older.


Meundies Giftcard $20

I was happy when i saw this because it actually was a giftcard, it didn’t say I needed to spend 50 dollars to get $20 off or anything like that. In actuality it isn’t really a giftcard, there is a promo code on the back but it works like a giftcard. I decided to buy a couple of pairs of socks it cost $20 dollars, I applied the code and it was free. The website still asked me for my credit card, but I paid nothing. Shipping was free. So I was really pleased with that! 🙂 You can never have enough socks and from looking around on the internet Meundies is supposed to have really good products. They even offer a subscription monthly box too. Looking forward to my socks.


Nyx Eyeshadow Pallet in Love in Florence $8.00

Simple Foaming Facial Cleanser $7.49

These two items are in the bonus section of the card and are the drugstore products that are loved. I really do like Nyx, I use several of their products so I am happy with getting a eyeshadow pallet. And the cleanser I have so many right now, but sure more the merrier I guess.

Winter Fab Fit Fun Box is a success. I am really happy with the products, I appreciate how this box was delivered earlier than the FFF team had told us originally ( and of course before christmas). This box costs $49.99 but contains $271.47 worth of product. I won’t use everything in this box but still this box has so much value and of course I can gift some of these items. Winter definitely is better than the Fall box. Thank you for stepping up your game! Do you want a box? Right now if you use the code EARLY5 you will get $5.00 off your box.It seems the holiday box is sold out, but get the spring one! If you want a box help a girl out  and use this referral link 

Birchbox November 2013 Review


My Birchbox arrived! It actually arrived a little bit earlier this week but I’ve been busy so I am a little late! Anyway I’m always excited for my Birchbox. I seem to get all my boxes right in the same week, so it’s a week of goodness. 🙂 My box of course came as pretty as always. Lots of envelopes with stuff inside. My perspective with Birchbox has changed a little now that I have Ipsy as well. So for those who don’t know Birchbox is a monthly subscription of beauty samples, it costs $10.00 including shipping. To me the true value is in their points system. More on that later. So on to the goodies!

image (9) image (13)

image (15)

Color Club Nail Color in Baldwin Blues $ 8.00

It’s actually a really pretty shade of blue. I am tempted to use it, but I have so much nail polish now. So perhaps I will give it away. Makes a good stocking stuffer.

image (19)

DDF Amplifying Elixir Sample .5 Fluid Ounces  $? Full size: $70.00

I appreciate products for my face because I honestly never do much in the night or in the morning. I know I am bad! But I am trying to change, so more samples of products like this the better. We will see how this stuff works out.

image (18)

Joie Folle de Joie eau de parfum – 2 ml Value $1.70 Full Size: $98.00

This stuff smells so good! gah I love it. I was kind of meh when I first sprayed it on my wrist, but with time I kept smelling it and fell in love. Why must it cost 98 dollars for a bottle?!

image (23) image (22)

Mox Botanicals Bath Milk .35 oz sample $? Full Size: $ 12.00

I wish I had a big bath tub to soak in this. 🙂 It smells nice and they are a company from Portland. My land! Looking forward to using this

image (20)

theBalm Cosmetics Stainiac – sample $? Full Size: $17.00

It’s been a really long time since I’ve used a product similar to this. It is a nice products just adds some color to your lips. It’s not crazy vibrant red or anything which I like.

image (21)

Might Leaf Tea– 3 tea Pouches $? Full Size: $9.95

I love tea! I have been using this in the mornings at work. I may have tried this tea once before just because I remember the elegant tea bags. Vanilla Bean is yummy.

That was my box this month! Overall it was decent, not my favorite birchbox I have received. Also this was the first month of Ipsy and since both are 10 dollar subscriptions I can’t help but compare the two. They are quite different, I am not sure how Ipsy can do these awesome full sized products but I am loving it! Birchbox on the other hand gives these much smaller (mostly sample sized products).   I think Birchbox has an awesome rewards system! I get 10 points for each review I do of a product I am given. So this month I earned 60 points just for this box, that is equivalent to 6 dollars. When you earn 100 points I have 10 dollars to spend in the birchbox store. It is a great value! So I am loving that! So birchbox is still a great deal and I love it.

Julep ZigZag Ultimate with Mystery Add On Review


My box came! YAY! I love mysteries, but I will admit I did peak on some spoilers. :p I try not to watch my package tracking, but I end up doing it and I get all anxious for it especially since DHL never seems to update their tracking information. When I came home from work I saw a big Julep package biggest I have seen. It was a little deceiving which I assumed because it was such a big box. Over half of the box was stuffing. But the box was definitely heavier than my last mystery box. Here it is.

securedownload securedownload

It is very beauty product heavy. I would be more excited if it was more nail polish heavy like the Galaxy Box, but still I am new to Julep so I haven’t tried really any of these products. So it is still exciting to try these new products to me. Some of these items I even debated purchasing in the secret store this month. At least My Add-On’s gave me some more nail polishes!



Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub $14.00

Julep Nail Color in Zora $14.00

Julep Nail Color in Karen $14.00

I really like Karen in this set, not crazy about Zora . Karen has a really nice shimmer. I am not a huge fan of creams and this one is very white-like…so ehh.  I might give this one away. I do like the lip scrub its yummy cocunuty! And really does work, my lips feel so good when I put it on.


DoubleStep Foot Treatment and Friction Stick  $22.00

Products for my feet? Yes ma’am. My feet are so dry and get damaged. I love shea butter, so I will be looking forward to using this.


Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil  $23.00

This seems like a good product (in the summer), it says it isn’t oily which is good and it smells nice. This I feel like doesn’t really apply to me right now. I live in Oregon it is getting cold now with lots of rain!  This is a summer product so it kind of bums me out I got this. I will use it though my legs always get so dry.


Sea Salt Texture Spray $22.00

Another summer item. I have heard great things about this though and I will be using it!  It is supposed to add texture & volumize your hair. I love products like this. I am open to try more!


Julep Essential Cuticle Oil $18.00

I recently received some cuticle oil I have been using. My cuticles aren’t the best so it’s nice to have more to take care of them.


Freedom Polymer Top Coat $18.00

I love this topcoat because it is different then other top coats. My nails feel stronger with it on, it has a high gloss and I will be using this every time now!  I only wish it came in a bigger bottle. This is something I have been wanting since signing up for Julep, but I did not feel like spending $18.00 dollars. Plus I assumed eventually it would be available in the secret store but this is better!


Julep Nail Color in Lois $14.00

Julep Nail Color in Amy $14.00

Julep Nail Color in Sienna  $14.00

I just don’t really like pink, especially a light pink so I am not so sure about it. I do like Amy , it is a very nice shade of blue, this will be used soon! I also received Sienna,  it is a pretty metallic gold-ish color. One thing that is bothering me is how not all nail polishes include the swatch me sticker on top. I’d just purchase them, but they are always sold out. Now of course since they Halloween color sets came out they had it as an add on. I have ordered a lot lately so I am going to wait & hopefully snag this later. I might regret this decision if it sells out again.

photo (28)

ZigZag Julep Stickers $??

How did I almost forget about the Main attraction ZigZag stickers. yay!


You may have noticed my nails, it is my first try at gradient and it went pretty well! My inspiration was the fall leaves. I used Nan and Dahlia for the tips. 🙂 I really love Nan I am addicted!

Anyway back to the box. It totaled out at 187 dollars plus stickers so lets call them 3 dollars so its an even $190. I paid $44.98 with my $5.00 coupon. Total value is $145.02. It is a bargain and everything I got was new to me!  I’d of preferred more nail polish as opposed to beauty products. Also I feel like the theme is just silly. To me the ZigZag theme should include more than a small sheet of Chevron stickers. Maybe some cool tools for applying chevrons, maybe a plate with chevrons and a stamp. More than just the one item. I know they only advertised the ZigZag stickers but I just feel like you can’t make that the theme with only one item. Also many people with earlier ship dates didn’t even get their chevron’s in their box. Really? It seems awfully forgetful when that was the selling point.  It seems they had a lot of overstock so they pulled together this box to get rid of some of their items. Which is fine, but make the items at least fall-like. I do like these mystery boxes though (especially because I am a new julep member). I am sure once I have been with them awhile i will stop doing these because I will probably get lots of dupes. & it would be nice if it really was themed.

Birchbox October 2013 Review


Hello Birchbox! I love receiving that pretty pink box each month! 🙂 This is only my second month but I can get used to this. I always bring up shipping, but I think it is important! I absolutely LOVE their shipping method! It is fast and comes from across the country! Keep it up, never change (Yes I am speaking of Julep).  I never really brought up my reason for my recent subscriptions but I believe I need to be pampered and I am out to explore products I’d probably never explore if it weren’t for the subscriptions I have. Sure it is nice to get a value but it is more or less for me to try new products!



photo (26)

This grabbed my attention. I have been looking for a product like this. Something to keep my brows neat clean and pretty! I earn 50 bonus birchbox points if I purchase this. I love Benefit too! Might have to do this.

photo (27)image

Bain De Terre Macadamia Oil Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

It smells yummy! 🙂 I like these products. I have used them the last 2 days and my hair is nice and hydrated. I will  keep using it and see if I’d like to purchase it.

image (1)image (2)

Benefit Fakeup

Benefit, I love using their products. A concealer in the correct shade for under my eyes. 😀 This is actually apart of a birthday gift from Sephora that is running right now. My birthday is coming up in November so I was probably already getting this. But hopefully I like it!

image (3)

Karuna Exfoliating Treatment Mask 

I’m excited to use this! 😀 It has awesome reviews and I always say yes to a nice exfoliating mask. 🙂 I might get addicted to this.

photo (24) photo (25)

Looks like we all got a bonus gift! Some hyrdating chapstick! 🙂 I am a strange one, I really only like using chapstick. Not much into lipstick or lip gloss.

That was my box! I’m pretty satisfied with the products and excited about these new products I get to try. If you would like to start your subscription it is $10 a month and is available at this referral link.

Julep Maven Review October 2013


It’s Julep Maven Box time! For those who don’t know Julep Maven is a nail polish and beauty subscription. Each month 21st- 24th we get to see the 5 box choices that cost $19.99. If you don’t like any of the boxes you can skip the month. If you love the whole collection you can upgrade for $30 dollars.  There are also add on’s where you can add on special nail polishes for a good price. I am late to posting this, but late last week I received my October Box. It was a little disappointing that they never sent me a tracking number until it was practically here (come on what is that about). Anyway I chose the Bombshell, and added on Casper and Dahlia.

photo (17)

Kajal Eye Glider and Sharpener   $22.00

Well it glides on very nice and smoothly, but that’s about all I like about it. I put it on not much later I had raccoon eyes. I am so picky with eyeliner because it smudges very easily with a lot of brands I have tried. So not a fan, not sure what I will do with this. I love my Stila Stay All Day Waterprood Liquid Eye Liner, best stuff in the world. I will stick with that.

photo (18)

Julep Nail Color in Cleopatra  $14

Julep Nail Color in Valerie $14 

Cleopatra has the latex finish, so it like a matte black. It’s very interesting, with one coat it is opaque ( I use two). It definitely shows your ridges in your nails though so make sure your nails are smoothed down. Dries mega fast.I do love this thought. Valerie is so very pretty, no clue why it is advertised as teal. No way is that teal! It is a dark green with a nice shimmer. I like it though.

photo (19)

Julep Nail Color in Dahlia $14

Julep Nail Color in Casper $14

I had to add these on. I don’t what it was about the gold shimmery Dahlia but I had to have it. Love it, I’m looking forward to wearing it. I tested it on my finger I love it. Great Octobery color. I will be using this shortly! And Casper. How could I not? Casper is a Glow in the Dark Polish. How cool is that? Just be sure you “charge” it, but placing it by some natural light (or for those in a rainy place like me put it next to a light). It is supposed to brighten it up so it isn’t as dim on your nails. I didn’t do this, but I learned. It has a nice shimmer to it, works well just as a polish itself. Can be used alone or on top of a color.

That is what I received this month. Love it? Pretty good, I could of done without the liner though. Now I am kind of regretting not adding on Beatrix. :/ But alas I have enough nail polishes (I am only Joking.)

COUPON: Use code FREEBOX to get your first box for free! Please my referral link if you join up!

Julep Maven Review Starter Box September 2013


I got my first Julep Maven subscription box! Woot woot! I was so excited for this. For those who don’t know Julep Maven is a nail polish and beauty subscription box. I have been hearing about this box for awhile and I finally decided to take the plunge. This subscription box is a little different than others out there because each month they have 5 different boxes you can choose from for $19.99. If none of them strike your fancy you can skip the box as well. Another awesome perk about Julep Maven is that there is a promo where you can get your first box for free.

Less than a week ago I decided I better get on this, my box arrived four days later. How awesome is that? Very quick! Of course Julep Maven is also based out of Seattle Washington and I live in Portland Oregon which is only a hop skip and a jump away but still impressed since my feelings about USPS is not the best. Speaking of which when my package arrived yesterday I was so excited! Then immediately very frustrated. My mailman decided to stuff my julep box in my mail box (it was very snug) and since the end I open my mail box is narrower then where he stuck it in I could not get my box out. I pulled and pulled, still it was stuck so I had to grab a knife and destroy my little black box to free my box. 😦 Anyway that was just a side rant. But anyway back to the box.


My cute little box was filled with 3 nail polishes and a foot scrub sample. I just love IT. I chose the It Girl Intro box. Initial thought was that I loved the packaging and the whole presentation. The nail polish bottles are different then typical nail polishes. They are thin and chic, they only hold .27 fluid ounces, while brands like Nicole & Wet & Wild hold .5 fluid ounces. So it is nearly half the amount of the nail polish, but the price for a non-maven member is $14 a bottle which seems kind of high since typical brands bottles with .5 fluid ounces are 8 dollars a bottle. Regardless of this I am paying 19.99 for my box, so it is definitely a steal.

Oh and one cute thing is the names of the colors are names of  Celebrities. I got Mila, Bette and Isla, as in Mila Kunis, Bette Middler and Isla Fischer. Super cute.  The colors are so pretty! 🙂 I painted my toes with Bette, it is the electric purple color. The color was advertised as cream like, which I don’t get it. But I do love it, it took two coats to make it really pop. Love it, the color dried very quick! Then I had to try the sparkles so I used Mila. I love the glitter. I tried just Mila on my thumb, two coats and that’s all I needed, it was completely opaque. It’s out of stock at this time (probably because it is so awesome). My 3rd color Isla it isn’t my favorite. I’m just not a huge fan of silver. It’s kind of a white metallic silvery color, but the nail polish is of course good quality. I’m just not a huge fan of the color.


One awesome thing I noticed that is really simple yet really smart is the “swatch me” stickers on top. I don’t know about yourself but for me it’s always annoying having to pull each nail polish and check the color (not to mention sometimes the color in the bottle is a little deceiving compared to the color you see once you swatch them). Such a brilliant idea! They even sell the stickers in the Julep Maven store. I only wish the sticker was circular that way I could buy them for all my non-Julep nail polishes.

Julep Nail Color In Bette   $14

Julep Nail Color in Mila      $14

Julep Nail Color in Isla        $14

Overall Total Value : $ 48 (for non-maven members).  I’m not sure how I feel about the price being 14 dollars for a single nail polish, but if I continue to get values from these boxes I will definitely stay subscribed.  I paid nothing but shipping this time which was 3.99 because of my promotion code, so this was a value (obviously). But I of course will be looking forward to the next box! 🙂

COUPON: Use code FREEBOX to get your first box for free!