My Julep Haul


 Here is my haul! I recently did a Valentines swap and the girl I swapped with gave me a %50 off entire purchase  with Julep in my swap box. So I had to use it! What a steal, when do you ever get 50% off an entire purchase anywhere? I would of got more…but I have been more reckless with nail polish spending. So here’s what I got !


Mind Your Mani $75.00

I purchased the Mind Your Mani kit, I had to do it because it was already on sale for $39.99, with 50% off it is only $ 19.99. And for 20 bucks you get 3 nail masks (which are amazeballs), I am pretty sure I am going to use a pack tomorrow! Then you get a Might Nail & Cuticle Serum ( I have a mini version right now but extra never hurts). Freedom Top Coat, and Oxygen Nail treatment. All of these items in this kit I currently own, but having back ups is nice. I am not crazy about Julep’s top coat ( it gets wayy too goopy after awhile). But I absolutely love julep’s oxygen! Anyway what a steal.



Julep Eye Sheen in Warm Fig Shimmer $ 18.00

I didn’t purchase a box for February this month, initially I wasn’t excited by the eyeshadow included nor was I wowed by the color choices. But after I saw people posting about how much they liked these liquid shadows (that lasted hours) I had to purchase. I never use liquid shadow but these colors looked so pretty when swatched. This one is Warm Fig Shimmer. I wore it today, it is a very warm color. The wear wasn’t amazing, since it did start to crease but it’s nothing a little primer won’t help.



Julep Eye Sheen in Dusty Taupe Shimmer $18.00

 I also bought Dusty Taupe Liquid shadow, I haven’t used this one but I am looking forward to it.  One thing I didn’t convey from these pictures is..holy crap are they tiny! I should of put a penny so you could see the size to scale. They are little, but I think  a little might go a long ways. 🙂 We shall see!


 Julep Color in Max $14.00

I somehow missed this polish and I have been wanting a polish with black and white glitter This is a topper polish, I am looking forward to using it, especially with a white or black polish. I am just hoping it isn’t goopy, I keep having this issue with different Julep glitters I own.


Julep Color in Jane $14.00

Inspired by Jane the CEO and Founder of Julep. This one I kept hearing great things about and I kept seeing gorgeous swatches of. Also I am a big fan of rose gold. Can’t wait to use it.


 Julep Surprise Color Rush Lip Gloss $20.00

This is another new item Julep released. It is supposed to work for everyone and suit every type. The color in swatches looked gorgeous. So hopefully I like it.


Blank Canvas Lip Primer $ 22.00

This I did not order, but it showed up instead of the Blank Canvas Face Primer I wanted. :/ I am not sure if I am going to use this. I have heard bad things from so many different mavens. It is just not my thing, primer for my lips..why?  But Julep did let me keep this for free since there was a mix up. I might just swap it or sell it.


Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer $ 28.00 

I’m bummed this wasn’t in my order because it was one of the top things I wanted to use! I never use primer (yes it’s awful) but I really need to start! This product has awesome reviews too! I called Julep ASAP as soon as I realized I was given the wrong product. There was practically no wait time. Mary the rep was helpful and I got an email later that day saying the order has been processed.

Anyway that is my haul! So thankful for the 50% off coupon, I only spent 64 dollars on everything! The best! 🙂 Thanks Julep!


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