Glitter Guilty Box Review February 2014

It is here! Glitter Guilty is a nail polish subscription box. It includes a mini nail polish, and a full size polish, as well as a yummy sweet or two. I have so many things I have been ordering online, my bad when I got this box I thought it was something else and was pleasantly surprised and happy. This is my favorite Glitter Guilty Box, I really like the colors and they are very Valentinesy. Yes it is a word.



My Full Size polish is Peacock Party, I really like this one. I absolutely love purple and blue that is my ultimate favorite color combination. I put it on as soon as I got my box. The picture here doesn’t really capture the blue flakes that well. When you apply the polish a lot of glitter comes out, so it definitely takes some fishing. But is a really cool glitter polish. There are many different shaped and sized glitter. This is fun.


This mini is called Cupid’s Crossbow, I really like this mini too, Pretty pink glittery-ness! This polish looks fun I like that there is white glitter in it as well as a few shades of pink. This nail polish looks even better when it’s on.

Where’s the chocolate picture? Yea I ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture, I fail. :p Anyway that’s my box, I love the colors I got this month. 🙂


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