Barkbox December 2013 Review


Barkbox time!  For those who don’t know Barkbox is a monthly subscription to dog toys and treats, because who shouldn’t spoil their dog with their own subscription box right? The price monthly varies if you purchase the 6 month subscription it is $19.99 per month, if you purchase the 3 month package it is $24 dollars a month, and if you do month to month it is $29.99. My 6 month subscription was to renew December but due to lack of funds I can’t commit to the 6 months. I was about to cancel when barkbox said “are you sure we will take 10 dollars off your box?” and so I said to myself I will at least get him the December box for $19.99. The rest of the year is still hanging in the balance. I might have to stop for a little bit. Anyway Barkbox arrived early, but I dilly-dallied posting this because I made it one or Rangers Christmas Presents. This box was very treat heavy again, I have so much backstock right now of treats! It is crazy.




Jax & Bones Penguin Rope Toy $14.00

This toy is so cute and it is sturdy and will last awhile since it is made with rope. Check out their website, they have so many other cute rope animal toys. Ranger is a toyaholic, he is like a little child and loves playing with them all. He has a basket filled with his toys and often I see him digging his nose in it, and I sometimes will find him asleep with all his toys surrounding him. Little goofball.


 Superior Farms Pet Provisions Lamb Toasters 3oz $8.99

I have received products from Superior Farms in the past. I love their treats because they have great ingredients. I mean there is lamb in this treat how often do I give Ranger lamb treats? Never. I like that there is variety.


Plato Turkey with Cranberry Treats 4oz Bag $6.00

Plato treats are very festive this time. It’s like my dog is getting a holiday feast. I have so much Plato treats right now in back-stock from other barkboxes. Not that I don’t feed Ranger this stuff, it’s just he has so many treats right now.


Wet Noses Peanut Butter Biscuit $1.79

Haven’t given him this yet, but it is a great sized biscuit and I know he will eat it all up.


Barkworthies Beef Bladder $5.25

As soon as I saw this item I knew it would be gone in a heartbeat. He grabbed it immediately and chewed on it for maybe 30 minutes and it was gone. I love Barkworthies! It seems to be often in his boxes and that is just fine with me!

Overall i am very happy with my box, and I am not sure if I should discontinue. I am short on funds so I can’t commit to 6 more months and he does have so many treats and toys right now. However I do enjoy getting that monthly present for my puppy. This is also my very first subscription I started with. I might have to come back to barkbox when I am able to re-commit. So this could be my last barkbox review for a little while.  :/


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