FabFitFun VIP Box Review- Winter 2013


It has come, the Fab Fit Fun Winter box has arrived! This is a subscription box curated by Guilana Rancic that comes quarterly for each of the four seasons. This box costs $49.99 (including shipping) and is a lifestyle box that includes beauty, fashion and fitness products. This box quickly snuck up on me, and I really like this box. A lot to be excited about!


It came very beautifully wrapped with the scrunchy white paper. The front page of the VIP card shows a spoiler that wasn’t given away earlier this month.



Here is the card with all of the products included in this box. So exciting so many good products!! 😀



The Giving Keys Never Ending Necklace $55

This is my favorite item in my box! I love it. Each key is completely unique they are re-purposed, each one includes a message. Mine says “Courage” which is probably the one I need most, it is perfect. What you are supposed to do is where it till you think you have your courage and you’re to pay it forward to someone who needs that message more than you. I love the idea and message. I was hoping mine would be silver because I am not a gold person but I don’t care now I love mine. My box is already worth it.



Beauty For Real Lip Gloss in Turned On $22.00

I’m accumulating so many glosses, but I really do like this color because it is more subtle. I think its cute how there is a mirror attached to it. It also lights up, which is a little strange. I don’t really have that I-need-to-put-on-my lip-gloss-in-the-dark-and-I-don’t-have-a-mirror issue, but it is different and unique.


Lorna Jane Workout Bracelet $30.00

This is a bracelet for when you work out. It is a symbol of sisterhood or so it says. I am not digging it. It reminds me of the livestrong bracelets except clunky. Also I am not a big accessory wearer especially when I am being active, it would just get on my nerves. I was trying to think who might like this bracelet but I can’t think of anyone, so not sure what to do with this.


Bioxidea Miracle 24 Face Mask $19.00

I love a good face mask! So I am looking forward to using it. Reminds me of a product I got from Birchbox a few months ago, but this looks a little fancier. I love this type of stuff.


True Energy Inspired Earbuds $40.00

I am so happy to get new ear buds. I have been needing some for so long. The ones I have right now I dislike very much so I am very pleased. Also I like that these are made for being active because the  apple ones just don’t work for me when being active.


Physique 57 Classes $25.00

So this card includes 5 classes you can access via internet from your laptop or tablet. To me I find these offers always kind of weird, if I use a workout video I would just prefer it on a big screen like I don’t know on a television.


Skyn Icelandic Relief Eyecream $45.00

I am excited about this, I know it’s shallow and doesn’t insure the product is good but I feel like if it has a $45 dollar price tag it must be good stuff. I’m not wrinkly yet, but I don’t want to be for a long time. This product is for anti-aging, dark spots , wrinkles. So I really do need to start using products like this to take care of my skin for when I do get older.


Meundies Giftcard $20

I was happy when i saw this because it actually was a giftcard, it didn’t say I needed to spend 50 dollars to get $20 off or anything like that. In actuality it isn’t really a giftcard, there is a promo code on the back but it works like a giftcard. I decided to buy a couple of pairs of socks it cost $20 dollars, I applied the code and it was free. The website still asked me for my credit card, but I paid nothing. Shipping was free. So I was really pleased with that! 🙂 You can never have enough socks and from looking around on the internet Meundies is supposed to have really good products. They even offer a subscription monthly box too. Looking forward to my socks.


Nyx Eyeshadow Pallet in Love in Florence $8.00

Simple Foaming Facial Cleanser $7.49

These two items are in the bonus section of the card and are the drugstore products that are loved. I really do like Nyx, I use several of their products so I am happy with getting a eyeshadow pallet. And the cleanser I have so many right now, but sure more the merrier I guess.

Winter Fab Fit Fun Box is a success. I am really happy with the products, I appreciate how this box was delivered earlier than the FFF team had told us originally ( and of course before christmas). This box costs $49.99 but contains $271.47 worth of product. I won’t use everything in this box but still this box has so much value and of course I can gift some of these items. Winter definitely is better than the Fall box. Thank you for stepping up your game! Do you want a box? Right now if you use the code EARLY5 you will get $5.00 off your box.It seems the holiday box is sold out, but get the spring one! If you want a box help a girl out  and use this referral link 


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