Glitter Guilty December 2013 Box Review

Image My Glitter Guilty Box came Saturday! 🙂 My first ever Glitter Guilty box, and my first subscription of the month ( I skipped Julep this month). I actually forgot about this and I was pleasantly surprised to see it on my doorstop. It came very fast! Glitter Guilty is a nail polish subscription that includes a full size nail polish, a mini nail polish and a yummy snack for $15.99. First of all the presentation is adorable! So cute the box wasn’t just thrown together like some boxes can be. I like the scrunched brown paper, and the little tags with the nail polish color names written on. Very cute and personal. IMG_3082

Yum Yum Yum, It’s blueberry cheesecake flavored popcorn! I haven’t had it but looks delicious. Also it is festive for the christmas time. I always remember having those giant popcorn tins with different flavored popcorns. 🙂

IMG_3077 IMG_3078

The Full size nail polish is Northern Lights. I love it! There is little tiny silver glitter flakes, then some medium and large sized blue and green glitters. I really like this color. It can be worn by it’s self or as a topper I prefer it as a topper.

IMG_3087 IMG_3090

My ring finger has Julep’s Dianna  and Northern Light as a topper. I love it so pretty! You can’t really see the silver mini flakes but they are there. My index finger has Northern Lights by it’s self. I really like the colors & glitters! The application is really nice too.

IMG_3079 IMG_3080

Here is my mini! It’s so cute and little! Pine Cones & Holly Berries is it’s name. It’s very fall-like. The base is clear, and I think wears best as a topper. It has different sized glitters in shades of gold, red, maroon, pink. It could look so pretty with many different colors underneath.

IMG_3093 IMG_3094

First picture is my nail with just the Pinecones & Holly Berries. Lots of glitter comes out for sure! The second one is with Julep’s Sienna, and Pinecones & Holly Berries.  I love my colors I got!

I am very happy with my box, I love it! So happy I found Glitter Guilty! If you’re thinking about breaking into the indie polish realm and love glitter you should  definitely try it. If you decide to get a subscription I’d love it if you type in Amanda Dixon in the referral section I’d really appreciate it! 🙂


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