BarkBox November 2013 Review


My Barkbox came! Always an exciting day when barkbox comes. My dog freaks out whenever any box comes now because he thinks each one has goodies for him. This one smelt great to him apparently; he attacked the box!

image (24) image (25)

This one is all about the goodies, it is after all the month for Thanksgiving! So my photos are a little less quality because I had to take them fast because he wanted  that toy and treats!

image (26) image (27)

PetSafe Toy Pogo Plush Dog Toy $ 12.52

I wasn’t able to get a picture of the toy in it’s packaging because he took this toy right away. Never can have enough of these types of toys. It’s stuffing-less and very durable. Just the way want it! He has too many toys so I had to throw some old ragged ones after this. He likes it, naturally. 🙂

image (29)

Twistex Treats Vanilla Mint $ 7.13

I was happy to get these because I use Greenies typically, but they are so pricey so I haven’t bought any in awhile, so it’s nice to get these. I gave one to ranger right away, I wouldn’t say he loved it. he sniffed it forever but he did eat it. So we will see how he feels about the next one I give him.

image (30)

Bocce’s Bakery Truffle Mac & Cheese $ 9.50

Fancy treats. 🙂 He likes these, this isn’t the first treats he got from Bocce’s. So he will be happy with these.

image (31)

Nootie YumZies Duck Jerky Chews $15.50

He loves duck treats! We received duck treats in August box and he ate those all up! He loves these things!

I love Barkbox, my 6 months subscription is over, but I am renewing. It’s nice getting treats for my dog monthly. I find new brands I would never hear of otherwise. I like how products are usually made in USA and they use quality ingredients. The whole thing is awesome. I am racking up a tonnnnn of treats though. 🙂 Maybe next month..less treats? I am sure it will be cute and festive. 🙂


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