Ipsy November 2013 Review



My first ever Ipsy arrived! The anticipation was killing me more than any other subscription I’ve received. This was due to the fact that I had been on their waitlist for 2+ months. I debated this subscription  for awhile, then once I knew I needed it, I had to wait. But it really was perfect because my first one arrived a few days after my birthday and my subscription seems to better than the last couple I’ve seen in the past (and those looked pretty awesome as well). It’s crazy this subscription only costs $10.00 (includes shipping), same as birchbox yet included so many full sized products. Not sure how they do it! So here is what I got.

image (7)

Pretty Pretty bag! 🙂 Not crazy about gold, but I always need more bags like this for my cosmetics. Especially as they grow! 🙂

image (1)

em Michelle Phan Lash Gallery Waterproof  Dramatic Volume Mascara  $20.00

This mascara alone doubles the value of my ipsy subscription. I don’t think I would ever spend $20 dollars for her mascara, but still good value already. This mascara is so different from others I have because it is so light and not clumpy at all. It worked really well and I like the curved brush. 🙂 Also it is waterproof, I only buy waterproof so I would of been bummed if I got one of the others in her collection that aren’t waterproof. I love mascara so yay!

image (2)

Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon Some Beach  $14.00

Another full sized product! So I haven’t tried this on yet, still trying to decide yet if I want to try it or give it to my sister because she would really be into this. I am not really a lipstick, lip gloss, lip anything person, except lip balm. Maybe I should be adventurous. The color is a little much for me I think. But I’ve heard great things about the Be a Bombshell brand so I am still very happy I received this.

image (3)

Nailtini Caviar Cocktail $13.00

Nail polish, I love me some nail polish. It looks like a gunmetal type color, it looks pretty . I did not swatch this nail polish. I think the concept of naming nail polish after drinks is cute. I plan on swapping it or giving it to someone who would like it. As is my nail polish collection is growing and it is growing fast so I don’t really plan on using it. But still great value.

image (4)

Pixi Beauty Bronzer $18.00

I never use bronzer, am I weird? Probably, but part of the reason for these new subscriptions is so that I try more new things. So yea, this item is full sized. I used it this morning actually for my crease in my eyes ( I know it’s not for that), but I liked the coloring. I need to buy some brushes. Maybe groupon will have another bush deal.

image (6)

Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil $ 14.00

I just received a pallet of Starlooks from my FabFitFun subscription. I rarely use pencil anymore, but I tried this just above the black eyeliner I had on and I really liked it. My main worry was that it would fade but I wore it for hours and it still looked good. Also this is awesome how 5 of my items are full sized.

image (5)

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Sample $2?

Here’s my one and only sample size, which is pretty decent. It looks pretty I like that there is a few shades in this sample. I definitely look forward to using it.


I spent 10 dollars on my bag and received a value of 71 dollars worth of product. This is a pretty amazing deal!! I am happy that this was my first bag because it really is a great one! Sure I might gift a couple of items but still I am very pleased. Can’t wait for my December bag!

Want an Ipsy subscription sign up now!


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