Barkbox October 2013 Review


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It is Barkbox time! So Happy Barkbox came in the mail. My dog has sine decided every box that comes in the mail is a Barkbox and attacks my other box subscriptions as they come in. I’m very happy about my October Barkbox, it is festive and includes two fun toys.

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Let’s start with the top of the list on the Barkbox card! The West Paw blue rubber toy Ranger is addicted to.

image (5)

West Paw Bumi  $12.00

The toys will not be shown in their packaging because Ranger took off with them way too fast. It’s a fun rubber durable toy. I thought he’d play tug-of-war with it, but more or less he likes me to throw it for him to fetch, and he likes to show off flinging his toy around. 🙂 It floats which is always a bonus when you have a lab too!

image (6)

Fetch & Glow American Large Dog Toy $9.99?

This toy is pretty cool, simplistic but Ranger is after all a simple dog. He loves rubber balls! He is addicted to those chuck it whistler balls because he loves just chewing on them. This ball is pretty big for his mouth but it is definitely his favorite now. Glow on the dark alway makes it cooler.

image (7) image (8)

Bakers Best Autumn Harvest Treats $6.99?? (unknown value can’t find it online).

Love this because of the natural ingredients. Simple ingredients, including goat liver, pumpkin, dried cranberries. I’m happy I got this item for my pup.

image (10) image (12)

Fuitables Dog Treats Share Pack $4.99

It’s like a bag of candy you hand out trick or treaters. Very cute idea! It comes with 8 packs you can share with your dogs friends. I gave Ranger some of the Pumpkin Apple Flavor, it smells so good and festive. He loved them!

image (9)

Etta Says! Crunchy Rabbit Chews $1.35

Oh he loves all of Etta Says products. It was gone in probably a minute. But he sure did love it!

Overall I am very happy with this box, he received two toys and he loves both of them! He got wholesome, good ingredient snacks that are nice and festive. October Box is a hit!


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