Julep ZigZag Ultimate with Mystery Add On Review


My box came! YAY! I love mysteries, but I will admit I did peak on some spoilers. :p I try not to watch my package tracking, but I end up doing it and I get all anxious for it especially since DHL never seems to update their tracking information. When I came home from work I saw a big Julep package biggest I have seen. It was a little deceiving which I assumed because it was such a big box. Over half of the box was stuffing. But the box was definitely heavier than my last mystery box. Here it is.

securedownload securedownload

It is very beauty product heavy. I would be more excited if it was more nail polish heavy like the Galaxy Box, but still I am new to Julep so I haven’t tried really any of these products. So it is still exciting to try these new products to me. Some of these items I even debated purchasing in the secret store this month. At least My Add-On’s gave me some more nail polishes!



Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub $14.00

Julep Nail Color in Zora $14.00

Julep Nail Color in Karen $14.00

I really like Karen in this set, not crazy about Zora . Karen has a really nice shimmer. I am not a huge fan of creams and this one is very white-like…so ehh.  I might give this one away. I do like the lip scrub its yummy cocunuty! And really does work, my lips feel so good when I put it on.


DoubleStep Foot Treatment and Friction Stick  $22.00

Products for my feet? Yes ma’am. My feet are so dry and get damaged. I love shea butter, so I will be looking forward to using this.


Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil  $23.00

This seems like a good product (in the summer), it says it isn’t oily which is good and it smells nice. This I feel like doesn’t really apply to me right now. I live in Oregon it is getting cold now with lots of rain!  This is a summer product so it kind of bums me out I got this. I will use it though my legs always get so dry.


Sea Salt Texture Spray $22.00

Another summer item. I have heard great things about this though and I will be using it!  It is supposed to add texture & volumize your hair. I love products like this. I am open to try more!


Julep Essential Cuticle Oil $18.00

I recently received some cuticle oil I have been using. My cuticles aren’t the best so it’s nice to have more to take care of them.


Freedom Polymer Top Coat $18.00

I love this topcoat because it is different then other top coats. My nails feel stronger with it on, it has a high gloss and I will be using this every time now!  I only wish it came in a bigger bottle. This is something I have been wanting since signing up for Julep, but I did not feel like spending $18.00 dollars. Plus I assumed eventually it would be available in the secret store but this is better!


Julep Nail Color in Lois $14.00

Julep Nail Color in Amy $14.00

Julep Nail Color in Sienna  $14.00

I just don’t really like pink, especially a light pink so I am not so sure about it. I do like Amy , it is a very nice shade of blue, this will be used soon! I also received Sienna,  it is a pretty metallic gold-ish color. One thing that is bothering me is how not all nail polishes include the swatch me sticker on top. I’d just purchase them, but they are always sold out. Now of course since they Halloween color sets came out they had it as an add on. I have ordered a lot lately so I am going to wait & hopefully snag this later. I might regret this decision if it sells out again.

photo (28)

ZigZag Julep Stickers $??

How did I almost forget about the Main attraction ZigZag stickers. yay!


You may have noticed my nails, it is my first try at gradient and it went pretty well! My inspiration was the fall leaves. I used Nan and Dahlia for the tips. 🙂 I really love Nan I am addicted!

Anyway back to the box. It totaled out at 187 dollars plus stickers so lets call them 3 dollars so its an even $190. I paid $44.98 with my $5.00 coupon. Total value is $145.02. It is a bargain and everything I got was new to me!  I’d of preferred more nail polish as opposed to beauty products. Also I feel like the theme is just silly. To me the ZigZag theme should include more than a small sheet of Chevron stickers. Maybe some cool tools for applying chevrons, maybe a plate with chevrons and a stamp. More than just the one item. I know they only advertised the ZigZag stickers but I just feel like you can’t make that the theme with only one item. Also many people with earlier ship dates didn’t even get their chevron’s in their box. Really? It seems awfully forgetful when that was the selling point.  It seems they had a lot of overstock so they pulled together this box to get rid of some of their items. Which is fine, but make the items at least fall-like. I do like these mystery boxes though (especially because I am a new julep member). I am sure once I have been with them awhile i will stop doing these because I will probably get lots of dupes. & it would be nice if it really was themed.


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