I am a sucker for the mystery! I love not knowing what I am going to get, also I was just talking about chevron’s and how I wanted to do my nails with this pattern. It is meant to be right? Originally I was going to resist. I have been a Maven for only a month, and my collection is getting scary. I got the Intro box, Galaxy Supernova box, October box, and ordered some stuff from the secret store. I am done right? Wrong, and I ordered the Zig Zag Ultimate. Ahh! Can’t wait to get it. Anyway here are the three sizes you can choose from:


For me at least this time I feel like I am either going to go big or I am going to go home. So I went for the biggest box, also I got the mystery add on. 🙂 When the galaxy mystery box was up, they sold out of the mystery add on so I had to get it this time. For everyone who hasn’t purchased their mystery box and is on the fence there is this promo code where if you spend more than $20 dollars you get $5 dollars off your box. So instead of paying $39.99 for the super nova you only have to spend $34.99. Here is the code: BG74L8U  Not sure when this code expires, but it worked for me a few days ago. I of course purchased the box before they had a ten dollar off promotion, but story of my life and the code has since expired. Anyway there is also a chance your mystery box might carry one of three visa giftcards. If you order the big box you can work a 1,000 dollar visa card. Sounds awesome right? I never win anything, one of these times I have to right..?

Anyway I am surprised this mystery box wasn’t halloween themed. I heard a rumor that something would be released for halloween, but the clock is ticking Julep! Anyway hopefully my box will be here soon, but with the tracking these days it is more of a guessing game.

COUPON: Use code FREEBOX to get your first box for free! Please my referral link if you join up!


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