BarkBox September 2013 Review.


It is BarkBox time! Do you know how happy I was to see this box when I got home from work? Finally Ranger’s box came in the mail. For those who don’t know Barkbox is a monthly subscription to dog toys and treats, because who shouldn’t spoil their dog with their own subscription box right? The price monthly varies if you purchase the 6 month subscription it is $19.99 per month, if you purchase the 3 month package it is $24 dollars a month, and if you do month to month it is $29.99. I committed to the 6 month program and I am glad I did (it is the best value after all). This actually is the first box I subscribed to, this is my 4th box (however it is my first one on my blog). I love Barkbox! So does Ranger, he’s so sad with the picture taking, he just wants what’s inside that box!

photo (13)

photo (14)

photo (15)

Your box always comes with this card, stating the theme and the details of each item you received.

photo (5) photo (6)

Hmmm Exercise my dogs brain huh? Sounds interesting and cute for the month of September. Let’s start with the top of the List!

photo (7)

Our Pets IQ Treat Ball Retail Price $8.99

It’s essentially a plastic ball where you can please treats inside and your dog has to try to get those treats out of the ball. Okay I think this a great concept however I know my dog won’t be into this. He is a smart dog no doubt, but he really doesn’t hold much interest with toys that are difficult, he is impatient. He is simple he wants to chew bones, he wants to play fetch with toys, he likes his stuffing-less toys, but he definitely is not determined and will lose interest if he doesn’t get a treat right away. I put treats inside this ball and set it out, he tried for like a minute to chew off the top then said forget it. Maybe my mom’s dog will like it? We will see. Also it is made in China, I wish Barkbox would stop with the chinese items.

photo (8)

Superior Farms Venison Nik Knacks  Retail Price $3.99

He LOVES these type of treats. The treat is a deer ear, and it is made in this country (always a plus). It was gone in maybe all 10 minutes. When I held it in my hand he sat there..and kept lifting his paw which means “See I am sitting and I am shaking I will do any command for this treat”! He loves it that’s for sure, but I would never purchase this item. 4 dollars and it lasts for 10 minutes? Uhmm no I can find a 10 or 12 dollar chew that will last a week.

photo (10)

Barkworthies Beef Tendon Retail Price $3.15

This is the second time I have received barkworthies products. They have great products, all natural.He loves this stuff so I am sure he will inhale it.

photo (12)

Wagatha’s Tuscan Pizza Italian Herbs & Cheese Organic Dog Biscuits Retail Price $6.95

These look tasty and healthy for my dog. He loved the smell of the box he kept trying to open it up! Wheat, soy and corn free! Sounds good.

photo (11)

Vetra Care Pet  Liquid Bandage Retail Price $8.95

This is interesting, I have never heard of it. Liquid bandages for you dog when he hurts himself. I think it’s a cool idea how was this not thought of before? I definitely will use this when he hurts his pads to his paws. 🙂

photo (9)

Etta Says! Deer Chew Retail Price $1.00

More yummy items for my pup, I have never tried this brand but I am looking forward to it. I’m sure he will love it.

That is all folks! So to total the items out the retail cost is $33.03, my subscription costs $19.99 so it is a $13.00 value. However I’m not too impressed this month, the one toy we got will never be used my him. He mainly got things to chew on, this month just seemed less imaginative. I do like the liquid bandages though! It’s my least favorite box I’ve received, but I can’t be crazy about them all right? I wish my box was more like August’s! I do love all the exposure to new dog products I just wish the items were a little better this month. Also shipping wasn’t the best this month. I get sent an email on the 11th saying it is on it’s way and it arrived 10 days later ( and the tracking number still says my package is in New Jersey) I thought I was never going to get it since it said it was no where near here. But I still love Barkbox. Looking forward to my October box.

Want to sign up? Get $5.00 of your first subscription with this code REFERRAL LINK 🙂


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