Julep Galaxy Mystery Box


I was avoiding this subscription box for the reason that I didn’t want to spend more money on nail polishes, but I caved! Put a space theme on anything and I can’t resist it, I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t purchase this. Ahh now I can’t wait to get it. Is it coming yet? I’m hoping this mystery box includes so awesome products as well as nail polish. There are three mystery boxes to choose from:


I chose the Supernova of course! How could I not resist!  Once you choose your box they have their add ons. There is a mystery add on for $9.99 the value for it is $36 dollars. Unfortunately the add on is out of stock 😦 So sadly I did not get the add on.

Also I am sad, but for everyone who hasn’t purchased their mystery box and is on the fence there is this promo code where if you spend more than $20 dollars you get $5 dollars off your box. So instead of paying $39.99 for the super nova you only have to spend $34.99. I however did not find this promotion till after I bought it. Here is the code: BG74L8U

Also Julep Maven is giving away a $100 Julep gift card daily to a lucky winner who purchased a box the previous day via facebook.
This deal is only available until September 16th or while supplies last. Leave it to me to wait till the last day to jump on this. 🙂

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