Julep Maven Review Starter Box September 2013


I got my first Julep Maven subscription box! Woot woot! I was so excited for this. For those who don’t know Julep Maven is a nail polish and beauty subscription box. I have been hearing about this box for awhile and I finally decided to take the plunge. This subscription box is a little different than others out there because each month they have 5 different boxes you can choose from for $19.99. If none of them strike your fancy you can skip the box as well. Another awesome perk about Julep Maven is that there is a promo where you can get your first box for free.

Less than a week ago I decided I better get on this, my box arrived four days later. How awesome is that? Very quick! Of course Julep Maven is also based out of Seattle Washington and I live in Portland Oregon which is only a hop skip and a jump away but still impressed since my feelings about USPS is not the best. Speaking of which when my package arrived yesterday I was so excited! Then immediately very frustrated. My mailman decided to stuff my julep box in my mail box (it was very snug) and since the end I open my mail box is narrower then where he stuck it in I could not get my box out. I pulled and pulled, still it was stuck so I had to grab a knife and destroy my little black box to free my box. 😦 Anyway that was just a side rant. But anyway back to the box.


My cute little box was filled with 3 nail polishes and a foot scrub sample. I just love IT. I chose the It Girl Intro box. Initial thought was that I loved the packaging and the whole presentation. The nail polish bottles are different then typical nail polishes. They are thin and chic, they only hold .27 fluid ounces, while brands like Nicole & Wet & Wild hold .5 fluid ounces. So it is nearly half the amount of the nail polish, but the price for a non-maven member is $14 a bottle which seems kind of high since typical brands bottles with .5 fluid ounces are 8 dollars a bottle. Regardless of this I am paying 19.99 for my box, so it is definitely a steal.

Oh and one cute thing is the names of the colors are names of  Celebrities. I got Mila, Bette and Isla, as in Mila Kunis, Bette Middler and Isla Fischer. Super cute.  The colors are so pretty! 🙂 I painted my toes with Bette, it is the electric purple color. The color was advertised as cream like, which I don’t get it. But I do love it, it took two coats to make it really pop. Love it, the color dried very quick! Then I had to try the sparkles so I used Mila. I love the glitter. I tried just Mila on my thumb, two coats and that’s all I needed, it was completely opaque. It’s out of stock at this time (probably because it is so awesome). My 3rd color Isla it isn’t my favorite. I’m just not a huge fan of silver. It’s kind of a white metallic silvery color, but the nail polish is of course good quality. I’m just not a huge fan of the color.


One awesome thing I noticed that is really simple yet really smart is the “swatch me” stickers on top. I don’t know about yourself but for me it’s always annoying having to pull each nail polish and check the color (not to mention sometimes the color in the bottle is a little deceiving compared to the color you see once you swatch them). Such a brilliant idea! They even sell the stickers in the Julep Maven store. I only wish the sticker was circular that way I could buy them for all my non-Julep nail polishes.

Julep Nail Color In Bette   $14

Julep Nail Color in Mila      $14

Julep Nail Color in Isla        $14

Overall Total Value : $ 48 (for non-maven members).  I’m not sure how I feel about the price being 14 dollars for a single nail polish, but if I continue to get values from these boxes I will definitely stay subscribed.  I paid nothing but shipping this time which was 3.99 because of my promotion code, so this was a value (obviously). But I of course will be looking forward to the next box! 🙂

COUPON: Use code FREEBOX to get your first box for free!


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