BarkBox September 2013 Review.


It is BarkBox time! Do you know how happy I was to see this box when I got home from work? Finally Ranger’s box came in the mail. For those who don’t know Barkbox is a monthly subscription to dog toys and treats, because who shouldn’t spoil their dog with their own subscription box right? The price monthly varies if you purchase the 6 month subscription it is $19.99 per month, if you purchase the 3 month package it is $24 dollars a month, and if you do month to month it is $29.99. I committed to the 6 month program and I am glad I did (it is the best value after all). This actually is the first box I subscribed to, this is my 4th box (however it is my first one on my blog). I love Barkbox! So does Ranger, he’s so sad with the picture taking, he just wants what’s inside that box!

photo (13)

photo (14)

photo (15)

Your box always comes with this card, stating the theme and the details of each item you received.

photo (5) photo (6)

Hmmm Exercise my dogs brain huh? Sounds interesting and cute for the month of September. Let’s start with the top of the List!

photo (7)

Our Pets IQ Treat Ball Retail Price $8.99

It’s essentially a plastic ball where you can please treats inside and your dog has to try to get those treats out of the ball. Okay I think this a great concept however I know my dog won’t be into this. He is a smart dog no doubt, but he really doesn’t hold much interest with toys that are difficult, he is impatient. He is simple he wants to chew bones, he wants to play fetch with toys, he likes his stuffing-less toys, but he definitely is not determined and will lose interest if he doesn’t get a treat right away. I put treats inside this ball and set it out, he tried for like a minute to chew off the top then said forget it. Maybe my mom’s dog will like it? We will see. Also it is made in China, I wish Barkbox would stop with the chinese items.

photo (8)

Superior Farms Venison Nik Knacks  Retail Price $3.99

He LOVES these type of treats. The treat is a deer ear, and it is made in this country (always a plus). It was gone in maybe all 10 minutes. When I held it in my hand he sat there..and kept lifting his paw which means “See I am sitting and I am shaking I will do any command for this treat”! He loves it that’s for sure, but I would never purchase this item. 4 dollars and it lasts for 10 minutes? Uhmm no I can find a 10 or 12 dollar chew that will last a week.

photo (10)

Barkworthies Beef Tendon Retail Price $3.15

This is the second time I have received barkworthies products. They have great products, all natural.He loves this stuff so I am sure he will inhale it.

photo (12)

Wagatha’s Tuscan Pizza Italian Herbs & Cheese Organic Dog Biscuits Retail Price $6.95

These look tasty and healthy for my dog. He loved the smell of the box he kept trying to open it up! Wheat, soy and corn free! Sounds good.

photo (11)

Vetra Care Pet  Liquid Bandage Retail Price $8.95

This is interesting, I have never heard of it. Liquid bandages for you dog when he hurts himself. I think it’s a cool idea how was this not thought of before? I definitely will use this when he hurts his pads to his paws. 🙂

photo (9)

Etta Says! Deer Chew Retail Price $1.00

More yummy items for my pup, I have never tried this brand but I am looking forward to it. I’m sure he will love it.

That is all folks! So to total the items out the retail cost is $33.03, my subscription costs $19.99 so it is a $13.00 value. However I’m not too impressed this month, the one toy we got will never be used my him. He mainly got things to chew on, this month just seemed less imaginative. I do like the liquid bandages though! It’s my least favorite box I’ve received, but I can’t be crazy about them all right? I wish my box was more like August’s! I do love all the exposure to new dog products I just wish the items were a little better this month. Also shipping wasn’t the best this month. I get sent an email on the 11th saying it is on it’s way and it arrived 10 days later ( and the tracking number still says my package is in New Jersey) I thought I was never going to get it since it said it was no where near here. But I still love Barkbox. Looking forward to my October box.

Want to sign up? Get $5.00 of your first subscription with this code REFERRAL LINK 🙂


Julep Maven Galaxy Supernova Mystery Box Review


Holy Mystery Box I am so pleased with my Supernova Galaxy Mystery box. Isn’t it beautiful? As I counted down the minutes to it being 5′ oclock at work I anxiously checked my package delivery date with the tracking number I had received and was pleased to notice it would be arriving today. Am I completely silly that this mystery box would bring me so much excitement? No way, there is nothing better than receiving a gift I bought for myself and not knowing what it will contain. I’m very pleased I did buy this box. For those who don’t know Julep Maven subscription boxes are a monthly subscription service where you receive nail polishes and other beauty products. I received my September Box earlier last week. Then they announced  Galaxy Mystery boxes and how could I resist? I purchased the Supernova for $39.99, yes 39.99 remember that.  So what did my box contain? Let’s begin with the nail polishes. All 8 of them!


Julep Nail Color in Adele    $14

I love Adele, It is very shimmery and sheer, very reflective when you move it around in the light. I think it would be a great color to use in the summer.

Julep Nail Color in Dakota    $14

Dakota is like a rich copper color, looks very much like a penny but with some sparkle. This isn’t a typical color I would buy, but I am looking forward to using it.

Julep Nail Color in Raegan    $14

Raegan is very BAM, bold and loud I would say. You don’t have to put but one coat on and I feel like it doesn’t even need a second one.


Julep Nail Color in Tracy   $14

I love blues and shimmery blues are even better. I’m looking forward to using this one.

Julep Nail Color in Estelle  $14

I love Estelle, she after all was what intrigued me to buy the box. I look forward to attempting to create the perfect galaxy nails.

Julep Nail Color in Stefani     $14

I do recommend this one. I tried it on, it has great coverage I like the dark silver color with little tiny gold flakes. I do love grey though as well.


Julep Nail Color in Nicollete    $14

I was least excited about this one, I’m not really into french manicures. It seemed really thick? Much thicker than the others. I’m sure I will work with it but not a favorite. I think it would be harder to work with because of the thickness.

Julep Nail Color in Amity (which isn’t for sell separately)   $14

Amity from the bottle looked similar to Stefani only lighter but once I swatched it I realized they are nothing alike which is great. It seems to be a little more sheer, but it glid on there real nice.


Hand Model    $40

LOVE this stuff, after trying all the nail polishes I decided to use this three products. The first application you would use is the Glycolic Hand Scrub, I used it my hand were so soft and smelled very nice. Next you would use Rockstar Hand Creme. It has shea butter and coconut oil it feels nice non oily. Last I put in the Oxygen Nail Treatment my nails feel so nice and smooth. The Nail Treatment is supposed to strengthen the nails. Sounds good to me!

photo (2)

Moisturizer Mask Trio    $20

This Trio contains three packets, a nail moisturizer mask, a feet moisturizer mask, and a Hand moisturizer mask. From reviews I hear great things about these products, I know I will be saving these for a special occasion. We will see if they last that long!

Okay let’s total all of that up! For Non-Maven the cost is $172 dollars, that is a $132 dollar value! Pshh great deal! :)For Mavens/Sale the total cost is $124.18 that is a value of $84.19. Overall I am very pleased with my decision to get this box, lots of good stuff.

Are you wanting a Julep Box? You can try your first one for free with any of these Coupon codes: FREEMAVEN   MAVENBFF FREEBOX. If you do purchase this box I encourage you to use my referral link, help a sister out! 🙂

Birchbox September 2013 Review


I got my first Birchbox ever today! Woot woot! I am so excited that I joined, and was so happy to see my pretty pink box. For those who don’t know Birchbox is one of many beauty and lifestyle subscriptions (but the first) that includes beauty and lifestyle samples, and it runs at $10 dollars a month. Can’t get enough of these subscriptions. Of course this month’s box is the 3rd year Anniversary (so they’d better step up their game) & the theme was Heritage.


First of all I love the packaging, it just is clean and simple and I like how when you free the box you have this reusable box, yes you birchbox I will reuse you in some sort of DIY way. 🙂 It’s just nice when boxes seems to be created with care. Also shipping is fast, it shipped Monday from New York and I got it here in Oregon on Wednesday. Much faster then what I can say about my barkbox subscription.


First Item I noticed was Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray. This stuff is awesome it used for many different things, it is used to add lift and shine. This is also used to protect, nourish and volumize hair. Pshh where you last week when I bought a bottle of this mehh hair protector & some  volumizing products? This is awesome, Also it is the biggest sample I received, 2 fluid ounces! I’m gonna use this stuff up and will need to buy me some more.


I got Ruffian Nail Polish, full size  equates to 10 dollars (the cost of the box) . I knew I would be getting one of three colors since Birchbox had announced this. I’m very happy I got the green hue called Hedge Fund, it is shimmery green metallic. I like this, however I would of preferred not getting nail polish because I am subscribed to Julep Maven, I get many. My Birchbox profile also says this, however I knew it was inevitable everyone got one this month.


I also received Eyeko Black Magic Mascara. I love Mascara, however I am picky when it comes to them. It is a decent size,  it also has a curved brush which is cool. I loved it when I put it on this morning, but after my 11 hour work day I’m not impressed. It lifted my lashes for sure, but I wish it lasted. I much prefer my Le Volume De Chanel sample I’d received from a friend I have had for awhile (of course a full bottle does cost $30 dollars).


I also received a sample of Dr. Jart + BB Cream uhh yea I like this and I like it a lot. 🙂


Dr. Lipp Original Nipple balm for Lips. This is cool, because I can use it for other things than my lips. I can use for dry skin, lips, nipples, cuticles and feet. It definitely moisturizes well.

So that was my first ever Birchbox, and I am happy with it. I got cool items and I’m looking forward to using. Especially love the Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray. It’s 10 dollars, great value. I look forward to my next box for sure.

Julep Galaxy Mystery Box


I was avoiding this subscription box for the reason that I didn’t want to spend more money on nail polishes, but I caved! Put a space theme on anything and I can’t resist it, I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t purchase this. Ahh now I can’t wait to get it. Is it coming yet? I’m hoping this mystery box includes so awesome products as well as nail polish. There are three mystery boxes to choose from:


I chose the Supernova of course! How could I not resist!  Once you choose your box they have their add ons. There is a mystery add on for $9.99 the value for it is $36 dollars. Unfortunately the add on is out of stock 😦 So sadly I did not get the add on.

Also I am sad, but for everyone who hasn’t purchased their mystery box and is on the fence there is this promo code where if you spend more than $20 dollars you get $5 dollars off your box. So instead of paying $39.99 for the super nova you only have to spend $34.99. I however did not find this promotion till after I bought it. Here is the code: BG74L8U

Also Julep Maven is giving away a $100 Julep gift card daily to a lucky winner who purchased a box the previous day via facebook.
This deal is only available until September 16th or while supplies last. Leave it to me to wait till the last day to jump on this. 🙂

Julep Maven Review Starter Box September 2013


I got my first Julep Maven subscription box! Woot woot! I was so excited for this. For those who don’t know Julep Maven is a nail polish and beauty subscription box. I have been hearing about this box for awhile and I finally decided to take the plunge. This subscription box is a little different than others out there because each month they have 5 different boxes you can choose from for $19.99. If none of them strike your fancy you can skip the box as well. Another awesome perk about Julep Maven is that there is a promo where you can get your first box for free.

Less than a week ago I decided I better get on this, my box arrived four days later. How awesome is that? Very quick! Of course Julep Maven is also based out of Seattle Washington and I live in Portland Oregon which is only a hop skip and a jump away but still impressed since my feelings about USPS is not the best. Speaking of which when my package arrived yesterday I was so excited! Then immediately very frustrated. My mailman decided to stuff my julep box in my mail box (it was very snug) and since the end I open my mail box is narrower then where he stuck it in I could not get my box out. I pulled and pulled, still it was stuck so I had to grab a knife and destroy my little black box to free my box. 😦 Anyway that was just a side rant. But anyway back to the box.


My cute little box was filled with 3 nail polishes and a foot scrub sample. I just love IT. I chose the It Girl Intro box. Initial thought was that I loved the packaging and the whole presentation. The nail polish bottles are different then typical nail polishes. They are thin and chic, they only hold .27 fluid ounces, while brands like Nicole & Wet & Wild hold .5 fluid ounces. So it is nearly half the amount of the nail polish, but the price for a non-maven member is $14 a bottle which seems kind of high since typical brands bottles with .5 fluid ounces are 8 dollars a bottle. Regardless of this I am paying 19.99 for my box, so it is definitely a steal.

Oh and one cute thing is the names of the colors are names of  Celebrities. I got Mila, Bette and Isla, as in Mila Kunis, Bette Middler and Isla Fischer. Super cute.  The colors are so pretty! 🙂 I painted my toes with Bette, it is the electric purple color. The color was advertised as cream like, which I don’t get it. But I do love it, it took two coats to make it really pop. Love it, the color dried very quick! Then I had to try the sparkles so I used Mila. I love the glitter. I tried just Mila on my thumb, two coats and that’s all I needed, it was completely opaque. It’s out of stock at this time (probably because it is so awesome). My 3rd color Isla it isn’t my favorite. I’m just not a huge fan of silver. It’s kind of a white metallic silvery color, but the nail polish is of course good quality. I’m just not a huge fan of the color.


One awesome thing I noticed that is really simple yet really smart is the “swatch me” stickers on top. I don’t know about yourself but for me it’s always annoying having to pull each nail polish and check the color (not to mention sometimes the color in the bottle is a little deceiving compared to the color you see once you swatch them). Such a brilliant idea! They even sell the stickers in the Julep Maven store. I only wish the sticker was circular that way I could buy them for all my non-Julep nail polishes.

Julep Nail Color In Bette   $14

Julep Nail Color in Mila      $14

Julep Nail Color in Isla        $14

Overall Total Value : $ 48 (for non-maven members).  I’m not sure how I feel about the price being 14 dollars for a single nail polish, but if I continue to get values from these boxes I will definitely stay subscribed.  I paid nothing but shipping this time which was 3.99 because of my promotion code, so this was a value (obviously). But I of course will be looking forward to the next box! 🙂

COUPON: Use code FREEBOX to get your first box for free!

Homemade Doggie Treats!

I grew up loving food but hating the process of making it. I remember my dad telling me I had to make a meal once a week for the family when I was in high school. I rebelled against that, I acted like he was asking the world of me. I’d say the first time I made food because I wanted to was when I was 19. I am not sure what urged me to want to bake, I think it might have been the cupcake craze. All of a sudden all these cupcakery’s started sprouting up. 3.50 for a cupcake? I think I can make my own.

First I used cake mixes, then I started evolving and getting better at it and started using recipe’s I’d find all over the internet. Jelly filled ones were my favorite. I’d bring them in to my work mostly because what else would I do with all these cakes, pies, cupcakes of baked goods? Then I moved into a dorm that had no oven and it all kind of halted. I lost interest for awhile, still I would bake but much more infrequently. Since getting settled in my apartment that love of cooking and baking has crept back up. 🙂

Today I decided to bake treats for my doggy boy Ranger. With the help of pinterest I found a recipe for Doggie biscuits a few months ago that I still hadn’t tried, which I adapted from   They smelled delicious and Ranger loves em. So these are the ingredients I needed.


Lots of Wholesome ingredients, you add all these ingredients in a large sized bowl.


I used a hand electric mixer to mix up these ingredients, it never really got smooth it got all clumpy like. So I then used my hands . When combining these ingredients the dough will be stiff, sticky and dry. So don’t worry if you aren’t doing it right that is how it should be. I then wet my hands which added a little moisture and rolled it into a ball.


Then I rolled the dough out. I found doggy bone cookie cutters at petsmart. It came with 3 sizes of dog bone cookie cutters which worked well.


After I made my shapes I laid them on a baking sheet and cooked them for 40 minutes.


Voila doggy Biscuits and a happy Ranger!




Recipe type: Doggie Treats
Prep time:  20 minutes
Cook time:  40 minutess
Total time:  60 minutes
2½ cups whole wheat flour
2 eggs
1 cup canned pumpkin
2 tablespoons peanut butter
¾ teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ teaspoon salt
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
1.) Mix together the flour, eggs, pumpkin, peanut butter, cinnamon and salt.
2.) Once ingredients get clumpy, use hands and mix till all ingredients are well incorporated.
3.)Roll the dough into a ½-inch-thick roll. Use a cookie cutter and cut out dog shapes.
4.)Bake in preheated oven until hard, about 40 minutes.